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Shopping 2025

moderation | research & projection

What would shoppers like in 2025? Why do people buy? How will technology change the way people pay, shop and buy? Bricks or clicks?

Consumers do not spend their money at the places they say they love the most, nor on the products they feel they should buy. Shop windows start to look the same everywhere and more and more stores stay empty. Online buying becomes social and a true experience.

For BeBright, I worked in 2011 on 17 trends, 1 system dynamic model and 3 possible scenario’s for shopping in 2025: ‘Hoop of Uitverkoop’, ‘Winkel van Sinkel’ and ‘Winkelicious’. Members of the Dutch Council for Shopping Centers (NRW) use this input to explore what’s next. Read my article for Second Sight about the project. 



Viewing Futures / Oog voor de Toekomst

moderation | research & projection | acceleration

What do consumers need when the world around them keeps changing? What will marketing be like in the future? What do leaders need to stay ahead of the game?

Around 2001, Rabobank questioned whether a cooperative business model would be future proof. Consumers said they liked to come to a bank  to do their finances, but most transactions were made online. The Netherlands was the home of three international banks (Rabobank, ING, ABNAmro) and the market felt tight. 

Till 2007, I worked for Rabobank on consumer trends and 4 possible scenario’s for the Dutch society in 2015: ‘Groei’, ‘Steun’, ‘Overleven’ and ‘Zingeving’. I was the driving force behind the Collaborative Innovation Network that sprouted from this ‘Oog voor de Toekomst’ project, first within Rabobank but soon beyond the borders of the financial sector and even the country. Both the book and the website are up to date: Oog voor de Toekomst.

Sanny Zuiderveld, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy, author of Oog voor de Toekomst