next for education

One Globe Kids


How do children deal with knowledge that has become as rapidly obsolete as universally available? How can we help them deal with a world that is increasingly uncertain and volatile? Does our school system raise the leaders of 2050? Are our children ready for what’s next?

We still teach more history than future, more print than digital, more achieving than failing and more local than global. For the next generations to be happy and successful, learning, adapting and connecting with others will be crucial. Our kids’ future world will be more complex, global and diverse. International Schools are popping up all over the world. More and more parents see the need to prepare their kids for a life beyond country borders. I work with One Globe Kids to put the world in childrens’ hands. One Globe kid-hosts tell their story and invite children to play their games, learn their language and share their food on the computer or tablet. It is like safe, international travel from your living room. With my background in (future) user and consumer behavior, I take on OGK’s long-term perspective and marketing communication. I also write for their blog once in a while.

In 2015, I co-founded non-profit Globe Smart Kids to take One Globe Kids Edtech to a new level. Together with the University of Kent in the UK, we work on building technology to help tackle prejudice and bias at a very young age by simulating friendship with children from around the world. 



ForeSight & Colaboratory


How do we create innovators? Who is ahead of everyone else in teaching ’21st century skills’? Can we teach 5 year olds to be designers? How do we move Tech education beyond screen time? 

I am currently researching the future of education, inspired by The Colaboratory: a new space at one of New York City’s independent K-12 schools, that is truly first of it’s kind. Technology and Creativity come together as one. ‘The Colaboratory way’ educates children from Kindergarten on, to solve problems by designing solutions with the help of all kinds of tools. These students learn to innovate.

I am a huge fan of the ForeSight Education initiative by Willis Goldbeck of The Institute of Alternative Futures, which brings Future Study to High School, Middle School and Elementry School students. I participated in a pilot and joined the kick off for new initiatives at more schools in more countries, coordinated by the US Department of Overseas Schools.