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city whisper

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What could your life be like in NYC? What are the trends in global talent mobility? How do you make it in a new work environment, in a new culture?

New York city is a hub for international companies. Going from rookie to local takes time and energy, which are both scares these days. I was one of the creators of city whisper, an online magazine (20109-2013) and platform to help kick start the lives of new comers in New York City. On a weekly basis, an intercultural team shared their observations of cultural differences that makes living in this city so awesome.



New ways of working

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Who will work for you in the future? From where? What kind of management style will Generation Z bring? Who will be capable of building a diverse team?

Square feet are expensive. Many Western populations are aging. Employees are able to work where they are and when they want to. The office of the future will look different from the cubicles and corner offices you see now. Is your team working remote yet? 

Many organizations have already moved forward to new ways of working. As a change maker, I am experienced in lining up HR, Facility Management, Interior Design and Leadership for the future.