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Diagnose 2025

moderation | research & projection

What could health care be like in 2025? What do future patients need? Who will take care of us in 2025? How do we pay for the rising health care costs?

With BeBright and Rabobank, I took part in a collaborative learning process with experts from all parts of the Dutch care sector and related industries. Resulting in 17 trends, 1 system dynamic model and 3 possible scenario’s for 2025: Breuk, Chronisch Ziek and Virus. The knowledge is shared in the book Diagnose 2025. Local Rabobank branches and the Dutch Diabetic Fund published their own version of the book: Diagnose Diabetes. Up till today, many health care institutions, and even the Dutch Minister, use Diagnose 2025 to explore options for their future.

At the national Reed Elsevier conference in 2011, Rabobank and BeBright announced their international follow up: Diagnosis Technologypublished in 2013.